Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ok so this weekend was very eventful but also so much fun!!! Normally busy weekends are uptight and not fun, but this weekend was perfect. Friday we did nothing! The girls and I went to Target, got home and made dinner. Mr. Clay, as Anna calls him, came by and ate with us. Jobeth and Reese came over later and we all just had fun chit chatting and just lounging!!! Saturday I did absolutely nothing! My husband brought me breakfast in bed, and fed the girls. That was nice! I got up eventually and got a shower, then just played with Sara and Anna. Anna spent most of her time outside with daddy which was good for her! Sara and I took a nap on the couch, well Sara did I watched a disney movie! I know I am a geek but sometimes I like to watch them! Saturday evening was Mom's night out! There were about 6 of us and we went to eat at the Millhouse by the airport. It was so much fun! Time with friends is something I could never give up! I love having friends over and just hanging out! Dinner was a success and then we came home! Not a very long trip but hey it was fun! After dinner I discovered that my husband had put a sign on the back of my van that read, "HONK IF YOU DIG MARRIED CHICKS!" The whole way to dinner I was thinking man people are so rude and impatient. Little did I know I was the cause of all the khaos! It was pretty funny, and the thing is, it didn't shock me at all he did something like that! Of course we got a picture with the sign but I will post it later!!! Sunday was fun and busy, Sunday school(which I love), Church, mow the grass, clean the back porch, and then back to church! After evening church we had hot dog night which was really wing night! Those wings were so good! Jobeth made a key lime pie which was to die for! Everyone left and now it is bedtime!!! FUN WEEKEND!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

What a drive!!

So today has been such an odd day! The kids and I went father's day shopping for grandpa's. Way to be on top of things Kristin!! Anyways our shopping was successful and we got home around 4:30ish. When we got home I started packing for my parents which is so not like me, normally the van is packed and running with kids in it when Ben gets home. I am to relaxed lately!!! I drove to my parents and the drive wasn't to bad. Ben and Noah played a game the whole way there! It was rather interesting! Which animal would win a fight game? They just kept saying animal after animal! Boys, what can you say! We were about 30 minutes from my parents and I was driving and all of a sudden a flippin oppossum popped out in front of me. He was casually eating something in the road and yep you guessed it, I HIT HIM AND KILLED HIM. I am an animal killer!! I was mortified! Oh but it gets better, about 15 minutes later a flippin armadillo walked in front of the van and yep I squished him! Ok so by now I am thinking I dont' deserve my drivers license and should be put away! I did survive the trip and got to my parents ok! Anna was excited to see us cause she has been here all week! Nothing worth blogging after all that happened cause we all hit the sack!!! Hope you enjoyed my day!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!!! I am finally gonna use it!

Basically feel like dodo and going to bed! Today was fun and eventful but we will have to tell about it later! Love you all! Have a great night!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Splash Park Day!!!!

Splash Park day was so fun!!! Enjoyed spending
time with great friends!!! I will just let the pics do
the talkin today!!! I am to wore out to write!

Sara and Evan!

What a face!

Reese having so much fun in the water!
Kate washing Sara's pacifier! What
a great little helper!!!

Collin and Sara Gale

Reese thinking about playing in the
Sara Gale finally not scared of the splash park!

Evan and Walker

Ansley Pansley!!!!
Sara Gale wanting out of here!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Praying for Reese!!!!

Everyone say an extra little prayer for Reese!! She just can't kick her fever or just being plain sick!!!! Love you Reese!!! Hope she feels better soon!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday the simple day!!!!

Today was great the kids slept in, and didn't wake up until 9:45!!!!! I had all 3 girls today so we decided once again to do nothing except laundry and watch the same Barney episode 10 times in a row!!!! All in all the day went well! At around 3pm we went for a swim at aunt Katie's house! It was fun and the girls all had a great time! After about an hour is was more than time to go!! Babies started getting grouchy!!! Naptime and shower time for myself, woke the babies up went to the in-laws for burgers , then took the hubby dinner at his pool deck job and came on home!!!! Nothing much to the whole day!!!! I remember when Friday's used to consist of getting off work then going to a friends house to get ready to start the night!! What ever happened to those days???

One other thing, what's up with this "Wordless" days??? Should I be using this cause it seemed to be pretty popular the other day!!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I thought we were all better until..........................

What a day, the kids slept in and we just chilled all day!!! My children are finally better!!! Anna has no fever, and is getting stronger every hour. Still a little bit of a runny nose but thats it!!! Noah is at his nana's house and I was told he feels much better!!!! SO we are on the road to recovery until.........................................Sara Gale woke up with a bright red butt that can't even be wipped with a baby wipe! I guess the antibiotic shots finally caught up to her! Every time she had to get her diaper changed I had to give her a bath!! So lets just say we had a busy day in the bathroom!!!! Overall the day wasn't so bad! We had dinner with Jobeth, Clay and Miss Reese, and that was fun as always!!! Can't wait for tomorrow so we can have a splash park day!!! Hope to see you all there!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't read this you'll get bored!!!

So I would have to say that today was kind of a blah day!!!!! The girls and I woke up kind of late around 9am, and we pretty much just sat around until 11ish!!! I decided to call Mrs. Vanzant to see what she was up to cause I felt the need to get out of the house!!! We decided to go to TARGET (my absolute favorite store) to buy a birthday gift for a special birthday girl(KATE)! I had my niece Ansley today so we took the babies to Chick-fi-la so they could play on the playground. Ansley was to funny cause everytime she would climb up the steps she would cry and just freeze like she was scared to death!!! Reese and her had a great time! Sara Gale of course played a little and of course she just so happened to find the electrical socket to play with!!! Wouldn't you think those things would be covered????? Anyways off to Target! Found the perfect b-day gift! I had an issue with Ansley wanting to stand up in the seat of the cart. It was actual very hard to get on to her cause every time she would stand up and I would get on to her she would try to kiss me like that was the reason she was standing! To cute how can you get onto her for that!! Then my sister informs me that Ansley always eats popcorn in Target and she never has an issue with her standing up when she has popcorn!!! THANKS HEIDI!!! So we get to the van and honestly this dingleberry that parked beside me parked so sideways I could barely get in my side of the van! People like that should not be driving!!! Off to Hilliard we go, all the babies fall asleep! We dropped off the Vanzant clan and went home to nap!!! I cleaned the babies napped!!! So yes what a flippin boring day!!!! Sorry you had to read this!!! Catch ya tomorrow!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

And then there came 2..................!!!!!!!

Ok so I have put off laundry long enough I thought to myself, after my mother-in-law came to get the frog out of the washer, so I decided to start a load. Ben had just gotten home so we were chit chatting and then we went about our business. I decided to wash sheets with having sick kids and all so I gathered them up and went to put them in the washer. HOLY COW would you believe it, THERE WAS ANOTHER FLIPPIN DEAD FROG!!!!! Ok one frog I can handle(just won't touch it), but two?? No way, I screamed and threw the clothes down and yelled for Ben. Of course he came and got it while I ran to the back of the house in fear! For all of you that know Ben, he went out and said he threw the frog out and when he came back in he had set the stupid thing on top of his hat and made it fall off as I was coming back into the room. Just one thing to say, he might just be sleeping on his favorite bed tonight(THE COUCH)!!!!


Ok so my day started with doctor appointments for the kiddos! They went really well and we were home by 11ish! I decided to give the girls a bath and a nap so I could get some of this monster laundry done. So the girls are down, and I start cleaning up. I go in the laundry room to empty the washer. My husband had washed some shoes that had been under the carport for awhile. So I pull the shoes out and I go to stick my hand back in the washer and lone and behold there was a FLIPPIN HUGE DEAD FROG in my washer! Ok so not some little tree frog, a big nasty wart frog! I flipped! Lets just say the rest of my day did not consist of doing laundry!! That frog will be waiting for it's daddy to get home!!!!

New to this!

Ok so many of you are reading this blog for the first time and boy is it probably gonna be boring!!! I am so bad at this! Guess we will start with our family! We have daddy (BEN), mommy (Kristin), Noah, Anna, and Sara Gale. Yep that's us the Buchanan family not to little of us and not to many of us so I guess you can say we are just right!!!!! Our life is sometimes crazy and sometimes its pretty boring. Noah is almost 8 and such a sweet boy! He would die if he saw this! Next year he will be in second grade! He loves sports but mostly soccer! Anna is 4 going on 15 and she love's anything to do with being a girl! She love nail polish, body glitter, bows in her hair! You name it she likes it! Anna will be in preschool starting in August! She along with her brother played soccer this year. She liked it but didn' t like to sweat! Sara Gale is almost 9 months old and she is such a cuddle bear!!! She has just started crawling and pulling up to things so you never know what bruise you will find on her and when!!! Her favorite thing to do it eat, and i mean you don't mess with her food or else!!!! I love having her laugh and just to love on! I am a stay at home mom and I actually have gotten used to it now! At 1st it was hard, but now I have learned to enjoy my time with them and not worry about house work all the time!! My husband has a building company Perfect Fit Builders that keeps him busy busy!!! I must say when he is home he is a great help with everything! You should check out his business they build beautiful homes!!!! Ok enough today! I guess you can consider this my 1st ever blog!!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!