Monday, June 8, 2009

And then there came 2..................!!!!!!!

Ok so I have put off laundry long enough I thought to myself, after my mother-in-law came to get the frog out of the washer, so I decided to start a load. Ben had just gotten home so we were chit chatting and then we went about our business. I decided to wash sheets with having sick kids and all so I gathered them up and went to put them in the washer. HOLY COW would you believe it, THERE WAS ANOTHER FLIPPIN DEAD FROG!!!!! Ok one frog I can handle(just won't touch it), but two?? No way, I screamed and threw the clothes down and yelled for Ben. Of course he came and got it while I ran to the back of the house in fear! For all of you that know Ben, he went out and said he threw the frog out and when he came back in he had set the stupid thing on top of his hat and made it fall off as I was coming back into the room. Just one thing to say, he might just be sleeping on his favorite bed tonight(THE COUCH)!!!!

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