Monday, June 8, 2009


Ok so my day started with doctor appointments for the kiddos! They went really well and we were home by 11ish! I decided to give the girls a bath and a nap so I could get some of this monster laundry done. So the girls are down, and I start cleaning up. I go in the laundry room to empty the washer. My husband had washed some shoes that had been under the carport for awhile. So I pull the shoes out and I go to stick my hand back in the washer and lone and behold there was a FLIPPIN HUGE DEAD FROG in my washer! Ok so not some little tree frog, a big nasty wart frog! I flipped! Lets just say the rest of my day did not consist of doing laundry!! That frog will be waiting for it's daddy to get home!!!!

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