Friday, June 19, 2009

What a drive!!

So today has been such an odd day! The kids and I went father's day shopping for grandpa's. Way to be on top of things Kristin!! Anyways our shopping was successful and we got home around 4:30ish. When we got home I started packing for my parents which is so not like me, normally the van is packed and running with kids in it when Ben gets home. I am to relaxed lately!!! I drove to my parents and the drive wasn't to bad. Ben and Noah played a game the whole way there! It was rather interesting! Which animal would win a fight game? They just kept saying animal after animal! Boys, what can you say! We were about 30 minutes from my parents and I was driving and all of a sudden a flippin oppossum popped out in front of me. He was casually eating something in the road and yep you guessed it, I HIT HIM AND KILLED HIM. I am an animal killer!! I was mortified! Oh but it gets better, about 15 minutes later a flippin armadillo walked in front of the van and yep I squished him! Ok so by now I am thinking I dont' deserve my drivers license and should be put away! I did survive the trip and got to my parents ok! Anna was excited to see us cause she has been here all week! Nothing worth blogging after all that happened cause we all hit the sack!!! Hope you enjoyed my day!!!

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  1. just found your blog!! yay!! welcome to blogging!!! glad you joined!