Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ok so this weekend was very eventful but also so much fun!!! Normally busy weekends are uptight and not fun, but this weekend was perfect. Friday we did nothing! The girls and I went to Target, got home and made dinner. Mr. Clay, as Anna calls him, came by and ate with us. Jobeth and Reese came over later and we all just had fun chit chatting and just lounging!!! Saturday I did absolutely nothing! My husband brought me breakfast in bed, and fed the girls. That was nice! I got up eventually and got a shower, then just played with Sara and Anna. Anna spent most of her time outside with daddy which was good for her! Sara and I took a nap on the couch, well Sara did I watched a disney movie! I know I am a geek but sometimes I like to watch them! Saturday evening was Mom's night out! There were about 6 of us and we went to eat at the Millhouse by the airport. It was so much fun! Time with friends is something I could never give up! I love having friends over and just hanging out! Dinner was a success and then we came home! Not a very long trip but hey it was fun! After dinner I discovered that my husband had put a sign on the back of my van that read, "HONK IF YOU DIG MARRIED CHICKS!" The whole way to dinner I was thinking man people are so rude and impatient. Little did I know I was the cause of all the khaos! It was pretty funny, and the thing is, it didn't shock me at all he did something like that! Of course we got a picture with the sign but I will post it later!!! Sunday was fun and busy, Sunday school(which I love), Church, mow the grass, clean the back porch, and then back to church! After evening church we had hot dog night which was really wing night! Those wings were so good! Jobeth made a key lime pie which was to die for! Everyone left and now it is bedtime!!! FUN WEEKEND!!!!


  1. TOO FUNNY about the sign!! Love it!!!

  2. we had such a great time this weekend!!!!

  3. what a perfect weekend and breakfast in bed...that's awesome!!!!
    i'm sad i missed out on the girls night! can't wait until the next one!
    that is soooo ben!! loved the sign!! too funny!