Monday, June 8, 2009

New to this!

Ok so many of you are reading this blog for the first time and boy is it probably gonna be boring!!! I am so bad at this! Guess we will start with our family! We have daddy (BEN), mommy (Kristin), Noah, Anna, and Sara Gale. Yep that's us the Buchanan family not to little of us and not to many of us so I guess you can say we are just right!!!!! Our life is sometimes crazy and sometimes its pretty boring. Noah is almost 8 and such a sweet boy! He would die if he saw this! Next year he will be in second grade! He loves sports but mostly soccer! Anna is 4 going on 15 and she love's anything to do with being a girl! She love nail polish, body glitter, bows in her hair! You name it she likes it! Anna will be in preschool starting in August! She along with her brother played soccer this year. She liked it but didn' t like to sweat! Sara Gale is almost 9 months old and she is such a cuddle bear!!! She has just started crawling and pulling up to things so you never know what bruise you will find on her and when!!! Her favorite thing to do it eat, and i mean you don't mess with her food or else!!!! I love having her laugh and just to love on! I am a stay at home mom and I actually have gotten used to it now! At 1st it was hard, but now I have learned to enjoy my time with them and not worry about house work all the time!! My husband has a building company Perfect Fit Builders that keeps him busy busy!!! I must say when he is home he is a great help with everything! You should check out his business they build beautiful homes!!!! Ok enough today! I guess you can consider this my 1st ever blog!!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!

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