Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't read this you'll get bored!!!

So I would have to say that today was kind of a blah day!!!!! The girls and I woke up kind of late around 9am, and we pretty much just sat around until 11ish!!! I decided to call Mrs. Vanzant to see what she was up to cause I felt the need to get out of the house!!! We decided to go to TARGET (my absolute favorite store) to buy a birthday gift for a special birthday girl(KATE)! I had my niece Ansley today so we took the babies to Chick-fi-la so they could play on the playground. Ansley was to funny cause everytime she would climb up the steps she would cry and just freeze like she was scared to death!!! Reese and her had a great time! Sara Gale of course played a little and of course she just so happened to find the electrical socket to play with!!! Wouldn't you think those things would be covered????? Anyways off to Target! Found the perfect b-day gift! I had an issue with Ansley wanting to stand up in the seat of the cart. It was actual very hard to get on to her cause every time she would stand up and I would get on to her she would try to kiss me like that was the reason she was standing! To cute how can you get onto her for that!! Then my sister informs me that Ansley always eats popcorn in Target and she never has an issue with her standing up when she has popcorn!!! THANKS HEIDI!!! So we get to the van and honestly this dingleberry that parked beside me parked so sideways I could barely get in my side of the van! People like that should not be driving!!! Off to Hilliard we go, all the babies fall asleep! We dropped off the Vanzant clan and went home to nap!!! I cleaned the babies napped!!! So yes what a flippin boring day!!!! Sorry you had to read this!!! Catch ya tomorrow!!